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Saddle up full-sized Dodge Charger and be a pacesetter






  • Standard 318 V8 (2-bbl.). 230 hp. Single exhaust. Uses regular fuel.
  • Optional 361 V8 (2-bbl.). 265 hp. Single exhaust. Uses regular fuel.
  • Optional 383 V8 (4-bbl.). 325 hp. Dual exhausts. Requires premium fuel.
  • Optional 426 V8 (dual 4-bbl.). 425 hp. Dual exhausts. Dual rocker arm shafts. Hemispherical combustion chambers. Requires premium fuel.
  • 318 V8 (2-bbl.), 230-hp. Standard. Regular fuel. A 1967 version of Dodge's famous "318." Now 60 pounds lighter and featuring wedge combustion chambers and hydraulic tappets.
  • 383 V8 (2-bbl.), 270-hp. Regular fuel.
  • 383 V8 (4-bbl.), 325-hp. Dual exhaust. Premium fuel.
  • 440 Magnum V8 (4-bbl.), 375-hp. Dual exhaust. Premium fuel.
  • 426 Hemi V8 (dual 4-bbl.). 425-hp. Dual exhaust. "Spoiler" air deflector is included w/426 Hemi. Premium fuel.




  • 3-on-the-tree manual, standard on 318 V8 only. (N.A. with 361, 383 or 426 Hemi V8s.)
  • 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic, optional at extra cost with all engines. Selector level is mounted on center console, and has lockout button for moving selector out of "Drive" position.
  • 4-speed manual, with short throw shift pattern and positive reverse-lockout lever. All four forward speeds are synchronized. Shift lever is mounted on center console. Optional at extra cost with 361, 383 or 426 Hemi V8s. (N.A. with 318 V8 engine.)
  • 3-speed manual transmission. Standard. Shift lever is mounted on the steering column.
  • 4-speed manual transmission. Console- or floor-mounted. Optional at extra cost with optional engines only.
  • TorqueFlite, 3-speed automatic transmission with internally actuated parking sprag. Aluminum housing. Water-cooled. Console- or column-mounted.



Available Rear Axle Ratios

A number of rear axle ratios are offered with each engine and transmission team. Standard ratios have been carefully chosen to provide a balance of performance and economy.

However, for more specialized applications, your Dodge Dealer can order a more suitable ratio.You will want to consider the many advantages offered by the Dodge Sure Grip differential. In sand, snow or mud, power is transferred to the rear wheel having the better traction.

The listings here are taken from several sources, including the 1966 and 1967 Charger and Dodge (full-line) sales catalogs and dealer data books.
The lists are meant to be representative of the engine, transmission, and axle combinations that were available at the time.
It is not meant to be a complete reference.

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