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And Charger doesn't disappoint you






  • 361 V8 (2-bbl., single exhaust).
  • 383 V8 (4-bbl., dual exhaust).
  • 426 V8 (Hemi dual 4-bbl., dual exhaust).
  • Automatic transmission.
  • 4-speed transmission (361, 383, 426 V8s only).
  • Power brakes.
  • Power steering.
  • Sure Grip differential.
  • Heavy duty suspension package - heavy duty springs, shocks, front and rear.
  • Trailer towing package.
  • 383 V8 (2-bbl.), single exhaust.
  • 383 V8 (4-bbl.), dual exhaust.
  • 426 V8 Hemi (dual 4-bbl.), dual exhaust.
  • 440 V8 Magnum (4-bbl.), dual exhaust.
  • TorqueFlite automatic transmission.
  • 4-speed manual transmission, floor- or console-mounted. (Available on all optional engines, N.A. on 318 V8)
  • Sure Grip differential.
  • Trailer-towing package.
  • 7.75 x 14 Red Streak nylon cord tires.
  • Heavy-duty shock absorbers.
  • Heavy-duty suspension package: Heavy-duty ball joints, heavy-duty rear springs, heavy-duty torsion bars.
  • Front disc brakes. (Power brakes required.)



Comfort and Convenience

  • Air conditioning, integral with heater. (N.A. with 361 V8 with 4-speed transmission.)
  • Remote control, outside rear view mirror.
  • Inside glare resistant mirror.
  • Electric window lifts.
  • Tinted windshield or windshield and windows.
  • Retractable seat belts (front and rear).
  • Transistorized radio.
  • Trunk compartment light.
  • Emergency flasher.
  • Parking brake warning light.
  • Electric clock, mounted on center console.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Center console. (Available with automatic or 4-speed manual transmission only.)
  • Center cushion (between bucket seats) with pull-down armrest. (N.A. with center console.)
  • Power brakes.
  • Power steering.
  • Variable-speed, electric windshield wipers. (2-speed, electric, standard.)
  • Console mounted electric clock.
  • Right, outside, manual rearview mirror.
  • Shoulder belts, front (left and right).
  • Electric window lifts.
  • Tinted windshield and windows. (Tinted rear window, standard.)
  • Astrophonic radio, push-button, transistorized.
  • Music Master radio.




  • White sidewall tires.
  • Bumper guards, front and rear.
  • 7.35 x 14 white sidewall tires.
  • Black or white Levant-grain vinyl roof covering.
  • 3-spoke, simulated wood grain steering wheel.
  • Deluxe wheel covers.
  • "Mag"-type wheel covers.
  • Chromed steel road wheels.
  • A special, buffed, silver-metallic paint is offered as an optional body color, at extra cost.



Trailer Towing Package

  • Maximum cooling system with high-capacity radiator.
  • Larger transmission oil cooler.
  • Larger, 7-blade fan.
  • Fan shroud.
  • Radiator air seals.
  • Heavy-duty performance axle, 3.23 ratio.
  • Heavy-duty suspension, front and rear.
  • Special 11 diameter, heavy-duty brakes (not self-adjusting).
  • Heavy-duty, turn signal flasher.
  • Heavy-duty, stoplight switch.
  • Wide rim, 5.5 K wheels.
  • Automatic transmission required. (N.A. with 426 Hemi, 440 Magnum V8s, or with 3-speed or 4-speed manual transmission.)



Birthday Special (1967)




White Hat Special (1967)

  • Vinyl roof covering (white or black), or choose a solid color car and save more.
  • Power steering.
  • Console (or center seat).
  • Wheel covers (deep dish).
  • White sidewall tires - 7.35 x 14 (7.75 x 14 with 383 cubic inch 4-barrel V-8, or air conditioning).
  • Plus your choice of 19 body colors and 6 interioir trim colors.



Heavy Duty Suspension Package

  • Heavy duty torsion bars.
  • Heavy duty ball joints.
  • Heavy duty rear springs.
  • Heavy duty sway bar.
The listings here are taken from several sources, including the 1966 and 1967 Charger and Dodge (full-line) sales catalogs and dealer data books.
The lists are meant to be representative of the "optional features" that were available at the time.
It is not meant to be a complete reference.

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