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March 1965

Dodge's Charger II - The shape of things to come?

Motorcade - March 1965Denied by Dodge as a 1965 1/2 model, or even a 1966, it does have more than enough utilitarian features to make it a conceivable production car.

The Charger II is not way-out and the product planners cautiously say that many of the design features could well be incorporated in a not too distant Dodge model.

Dubbed the Charger II in view of last year's show car, Charger I, the new fastback is very much unlike its predecessor. Number I was purely a customized competition roadster built around an existing car.

In a quick contradiction, the Charger II can be described as a new design from the ground up, but still with enough of today's basic design to make a car that could be tooled and built in quantity with a minimum of cost and effort.

Dimensions, including wheelbase, power train and practicality give this show car a good chance of being a popular street vehicle.

The First appearance of the Charger II was at the Los Angeles Auto Show late in 1964 and a number of Dodge's sales management and engineering staff were on hand to observe the reactions and comments of the visitors to the show.



September 1965

[cover page]

Motorcade - September 1965The provocative profile that stars on this month's cover belongs to the far-out Dodge Charger. This prototype version of the Chrysler Corporation sportster offers a goo peek at a 1966 star.



October 1966

Charger - It takes an expert to find the changes.

Not yet a year old, the Dodge Charger is relatively unchanged for the 67 season.  A shorter floor console at no extra cost replaces the former full-length model, but steering-column-mounted shift and a center front seat that Dodge labeled "Mother-in-law's" are standard equipment.

Outside, the Charger remains basically the same as at its mid-year introduction, except for the new deep-dish wheel covers and front fender-mounted turn signal indicators.

Sporty fastback fans may option Dodge's new high performance 440-Magnum V8 if they choose, or the more spirited Hemi-426 street offspring of the racing engine.  Standard powerplant for the Charger is a brand new 318 cubic-inch V8. A refined 383 c.i. is also available with 4-bbl carburetion. Heavy duty brakes and suspension are included in both the new 440-Magnum or Hemi-426 power packages.

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