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Dodge News Magazine

Dodge News - January 1966Just looking at the Charger does something to you - but driving it makes you a different person!  Visit out showroom - pick up the keys - partk it on your driveway! See us today - Here!

Dodge News - January 1967



Dodge Service Sentinel

Service Sentinel - March 1966Which twin has the heaadlights?

As you well know, they both do.  In fact, both pictures are of the same Dodge Charger - one with the headlights exposed - the other tucked away.  For tips on servicing this Charger feature, see the article on pages 4-5.

The complete text of this article is available



Factory Service Manuals

1967 Factory Service ManualThis Service Manual provides the service technician with complete information for servicing the 1967 Dodge automobiles.

The information is grouped according to the type of work being performed, such as Diagnosis, Testing, Adjustments and Service Procedures.  Special Tools and Specifications are also included in this manual.

1966 Supplement

The 1966 Dodge Charger is distinctive fastback 2-door hardtop. It is a specialty car combining sports car with sports car styling with luxury appointments. This newest addition to the Dodge line of the fine cars is easily identified by its graceful roof line and its contoured rear window glass. A closer look up front reveals a fresh clean appearance of a grille with the unique concealed head lamp feature, designed so the head lamps can be rotated out of sight when not in use. A full width tall lamp dominates the rear of the Charger. The interior is a rich and luxurious as functional, with four individual seats, lengthy console and comfortable armrest supports.  The rear passenger compartment is comfortable and versatile. With fold-down seat backs and console, it can easily be converted to a large utility area for a variety of users. Soft, non-glare instrument panel lighting is provided by the electro-luminescent lighting design. The Charger is 203.6 inches long and is built on a 117.0 inch wheelbase. Standard engine is the 318 cubic inch V-8, but the full range of Coronet engine options are available.

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