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Docile in town, dashing on the highways





1966 Press Photo

1967 Press Photo

It's Dodge Charger, the fabulous new fastback that made it all the way from the designer's drawing board to your driveway with all the excitement and all the fresh ideas left in.



Here are some interesting comparisons.

Charger II rear
1964 Charger II.

Charger II front
1964 Charger II.



1966 front

1967 front

Why play around with pony-sized fastbacks? Saddle up full-sized Dodge Charger and be a pacesetter. You might even form your own cavalry squadron; Charger '67 has the horses for it under that broad, gleaming hood, with your choice of five V8's.

(1966 and 1967 have different engine choices. 1966 has the 318A, 361B, 383B-4bbl and 426RB-2x4bbl.  1967 has the new 318LA, 383B-2bbl, 383B-4bbl, 426RB-2x4bbl, and 440RB-4bbl.)



1966 grill

1967 grill

Concealed turn signals up front. And disappearing head lamps that rotate and turn on automatically.

(1967 introduces fender-top turn signals.  Optional bumper guards are shown in both views - positioning on 1966 and 1967 differ.)



Here are some interesting comparisons.

1966 Coronet grill
1966 Coronet..

1967 Coronet grill
1967 Coronet 500.



1966 rear

1967 rear

1966 taillights/bumper

1967 taillights/bumper

Wide turn signals and rear lighting that spread a band of color across the trailing edge of Charger's fastback.

(1966 and 1967 both had optional bumper guards available - positioning is slightly different on the rear as well.)



1966 wheel covers

1967 Magnum 500

Our standard wheel cover looks like a custom option. So what does our custom wheel cover like? Magnificent. Our custom wheel cover looks like a real mag wheel. It just doesn't cost as much.

(1966 and 1967 had different wheel covers. The "mag" style becomes the standard on the 1967, and the Magum 500 from Motor Wheel becomes an additional option. Various other wheel covers are available, including ones that look like the spinner dish, but without the spinner, and ridged/serated cones.)



1967 side

1967 White Hat Special

Down with the idea that driving has to be dull. Move out in Dodge Charger, America's only full-sized fastback. Built to make motoring more fun.

(1967 introduces a viynl-top as part of the "White Hat Special", which is a package made available for both the Charger and Coronet.)



The pictures and most of the text here is taken from several sources, including the 1966 and 1967 Charger and Dodge (full-line) sales catalogs and dealer data books.
It is not meant to be a complete reference.

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