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The Leader of the Dodge Rebellion

"When MT first heard that Dodge would introduce a fastback baseon on the Coronet, we were understandably apprehesive of seeing another hastily styled car, cobbled together just ofr a free ride on Detroit's current stylewagon.  Our fears were allayed a full year ago by the Charger II, a one-of-a-kind show car obviouslyy built to measure public opinion. Enthusiastic reaction at four major shows as well as private samplings from, of all people, 400 mainline Philadelphians clearly indicated that all Dodge had to do was put on practical bumpers and start production.

"We roadtested the first production Charger and in eyeing it from every angle, nowhere could we find eveidence of that compromise so evident in some other recently introduced fastbacks. The interior is fully as esthetically pleasing as the exterior.

"If the price (which should hover at $3500) is right, we don't see how Dodge can miss with this car."

Motortrend - January 1966

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