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If this be treason, make the most of it


Collectible Automobile, Vol 6, No. 2
1966-74 Dodge Charger: Cloner's Delight
     Richard M. Langworth,
August 1989

Collectible Automobile, Vol 15, No. 4
1966-67 Dodge Charger: Hamtramck's Faster Fastback
     Jeffrey I. Godshall,
December 1998

Charger, Road Runner & Super Bee
     Paul A. Herd and Mike Mueller, 1994
     MBI Publishing Company

Charger Muscle Portfolio 1966-1974
     R. M. Clarke
     Brooklands Book Distribution (Motorbooks International)

Charger: A Source Book
     Samuel A. Shields, 1982
     Bookman Publishing

The Charger as Only Dodge Could Build It... 1966-1969
     Crank'en Hope Publications

Collectible Cars
     Cresant Books (Beekman House)


Other Chrysler Products

Collectible Automobile, Vol 12, No. 2
     1966-67 Dodge Coronet: A Beautiful Rebellion on Wheels
     Jeffrey I. Godshall,
August 1995

Collectible Automobile, Vol 5, No. 1
     1965-67 AMC Marlin: The 3+3 Fastback That Floundered
     John A. Conde,
June 1988

Standard Catalog of Chrysler 1914-2000
     James T. Lenzke,
     Krause Publications

1966-1968 Production Option Code Book
     Galen Govier, 1991

1962-1974 Part & Casting Numbers Book
     Galen Govier

Dodge & Plymouth Muscle Car Red Book
     Peter C. Sessler, 1991
     MBI Publishing Company

Mopar Muscle Cars 1964-1967
     R. M. Clarke
     Brooklands Book Distribution (Motorbooks International)

Dodge Muscle Cars 1967-1970
     R. M. Clarke
     Brooklands Book Distribution (Motorbooks International)

Complete Book of Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler
     Spence Murray, 1977
     Petersen Publishing

The Dodge Book of Performance Cars
     Lyle Kenyon Engel, 1967


Service and Repair Manuals

Chilton's Repair & Tune-Up Guide: Dodge Charger 1967-70
     Chilton Book Company

How to Hot Rod Small Block Mopar Engines
     Larry Shepard, 1989
     HPBooks (Berkley Publishing Group)

How to Rebuild Small-Block Mopar Engines
     Don Taylor and Larry Hofer, 1982
     HPBooks (Berkley Publishing Group)

Chrysler Performance Upgrades
     Frank Adkins, 1999
     S-A Design (Cartech)

1966 Coronet/Dart Service Manual w/ Charger supplement

1967 Coronet/Dart/Charger Service Manual


Factory Sales Literature

1966 Dodge Full Line Catalog Saver
     August 1965

1966 Dodge Charger Catalog
     November 1965

1967 Dodge Full Line Catalog Saver
     August 1966 and January 1967

1967 Dodge Charger Catalog
     August 1966


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